WCCA Spotlight: Camp Lohikan
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WCCA Spotlight: Camp Lohikan


Lohikan’s Mini-Camp is a
WEEK-LONG Rookie Camp!

 Camp Lohikan is a well-established recreational summer camp that has been providing children with summers filled with exciting activities and opportunities to try new things, develop new skills, make new friends, and most of all have FUN since 1957! Camp Lohikan has been owned and directed by the Buynak family for 58 years and is located on 1200 acres in northeast Pennsylvania. It’s the perfect location being situated on a mountain top and overlooking a spring lake and miles of mountain vistas of outstanding natural beauty.

Camp Lohikan operates an eight week summer camp program with six, four week and two week sessions. At the end of the summer camp program Camp Lohikan operates a one-week mini-camp. This coming season the dates for the One-Week Mini Camp dates are August 21-27th and the cost is $850. It’s seven days filled with arts, sports, and adventure activities like jet skiing, quad riding, bungee trampoline, tennis, horseback riding, golf, arts & crafts, rocks & ropes, and a different evening activity every night! It’s a thrilling experience that’s always a lot of fun! Campers also get to choose their favorite activities every day, so enthusiasm runs high naturally in the free-choice daily program.

Amazing things happen at camp when kids are engaged in exciting activities of their choice and share fun with other kids who have the same activity interests. Friendships are not only formed in the cabin with bunkmates. They are also formed at every activity site, and every period because each participant shares the same activity interest! Friendships are easy to form in such a fun atmosphere. And, in the free-choice elective program, where every activity chosen could be different, friendships are multiplied!

Younger campers, entering fifth grade and younger, travel together as a cabin group with their counselors during mini-camp. This ensures that our younger campers receive close supervision and cabin bonding is promoted. The program works for the younger campers. Fun and friendships abound!

Regardless of program format, every camper receives individual attention and positive reinforcement at camp, and come home after camp more independent, stronger in self-confidence, and with greater social skills. Mini-Camp could just be called the Super Rookie-Camp!

The following are comments about Lohikan’s Mini-Camp registered online.

TESTIMONIAL: My 9 year old son went away for the first time to sleep away camp. We paid our deposit, then he said he didn’t want to go. Thankfully, Camp Lohikan had a preview day that we could go and check out the camp. Bout half way through the tour, my son said he was DEFINITELY going to camp this year. Then, came the drop off. Again, my son got a little teary and said he only wanted to stay for 4 nights, not the full 6. I had to do my best to assure him that he would be fine and that he will enjoy himself. Thankfully, one of the other campers came up and they started talking about Minecraft. My son came back from the brink of tears and everything seemed fine. It was time to go and I hugged him and told him I’d see him in a few days. When we picked him up, he was ECSTATIC! He had SUCH a great time. He loved everyone at the camp. The cabin counselors were awesome, the staff was awesome. He liked the directors the best! I am hopeful that he will be a Camp Lohikan kid for life! Awesome camp! Well worth it

 TESTIMONIAL: My 7 year old just got back from mini-camp and had a fabulous time. I have never seen her so amped up and excited. She was smiling from ear to ear and dancing around all night. I was also very pleased with the email responses I got from my inquiries before and during camp. They were always personal and thoughtful answers to my questions. When we dropped her off we spent an hour or so walking around so she could get acclimated to her new surroundings and I could see her growing up right before my eyes. She felt very comfortable there and came out of her shell big time. At Camp Lohikan she is going to develop self-confidence and self esteem in a way that I couldn’t possibly show her. She’s already looking forward to a longer camp stay next year. Phenomenal job! Five Stars!

TESTIMONIAL: My soon to be 11 year old son has been going to Lohikan for two summers and cannot wait to go back again this summer.

I do not think a day goes by all winter without him mentioning camp Lohikan.

He loves it there – it is like a second home to him!

His counselor this past year Sam, was attentive, caring, honest and just an all around great guy who you would want watching your child all summer.

The facility is huge with a wide variety of activities to keep the kids busy and engaged throughout the summer.

The camp director Mark is engaged with the kids and will take time to speak with parents if the have any concerns or questions.

I wholeheartedly recommend Camp Lohikan – we looked at a bunch of camps a few years ago and are so glad we chose this one!

TESTIMONIAL: I am 13 and I have been going for the past three years and in a few days will be leaving for my 4th.

I found this camp on accident while looking for a electronics camp (being the lazy gamer i am). i found this place and went for a week and i loved it.

The activities are fun and you chose what you do for the day instead of the counselors doing it for you.

I would like to add that the counselors pay attention to you and your needs.

My only downside to this camp is that there are no locks on the stalls in the bathrooms in the cabins but there are some in the cafeteria dance hall and other places around the camp.

Over all this is a great place to send your child for the summer coming from a child who will be going again in just a few days!


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