The Alliance


Today, all 30 Wayne County resident camps are the most successful and well-established camps in the country, run by some of the nation’s most respected and accomplished camp directors. WCCA has set the standard for what makes an exceptional summer camp experience.

Through cooperative sharing amongst the most forward-thinking camp directors, the WCCA creates the best practices, has access to the finest resources and is continuously improving and increasing its sphere of influence. We share a common goal of providing a safe and nurturing environment for kids to grow and learn, and boast the highest quality of staff and facilities.

Our camps promote character building and foster independence for the more than twenty thousand children that attend Wayne County camps each summer.

Our camps have an everlasting positive influence on our campers and our staff.

The WCCA camps boast decades of tradition, the highest level of cutting edge programming, a strong and ongoing connection to alumni and an unparalleled commitment to the local community. We share a deep dedication to ethical business practices and utilize the knowledge and experience of our members to always remain at the pinnacle of resident camping.

Most important, our camps share the core value of making the world a better place by raising good kids.