Our Camps

Commitment to Our Campers

All WCCA camps are dedicated to providing the safest environment for your child – both physically and emotionally.  Our standards exceed what is required in our industry and our camps are consistently met with approval by the American Camp Association.

Our passion for sending home a “better and more-prepared child” at the end of the summer is universal among all WCCA camps.  All WCCA camps emphasize values and independence, and each camp focuses on developing these characteristics in its own way.  We all commit to hiring the best and the brightest counselors, training them in the right way and guiding them as they help us carry out our camp missions throughout the summer.   The combination of the finest staff members, the most exceptional programs and facilities and the most connected and knowledgeable directors provides an incredible base for your child’s success – in camp and in life.



Each camp strives to provide life-changing experiences for our campers, but we all do it in our own unique way.  Wayne County has a camp for every child:  co-ed camps; single-sex camps; brother-sister camps; religious or secular; traditional seven weeks or shorter sessions; special needs programs.

Every kind of child can find a summer home in a Wayne County camp.  Artists, animal lovers, athletes, equestrians, acrobats and outdoor adventurers will have nearly limitless opportunities not only to enjoy the activities they love, but to branch out and try something new.

Children attend Wayne County camps from all over the country, not to mention the world.  We open our arms to kids from the youngest ages to the oldest teenage years.



All 32 camps are within a 30-mile radius, thus enabling us to create the vast array of athletic tournaments that are widely regarded as the best in the country.  The WCCA promotes good sportsmanship and healthy competition by teaming up to host more than 90 tournaments each summer.  Our campers are afforded the opportunity to compete in all traditional team sports, as well as a variety of activities such as golf, gymnastics and dance, to name a few.  Several camps in Wayne County also host full-day invitational tournaments such as swim meets, roller hockey and basketball games.