Blog Topic: Posts About Camp!

Blog Topic: Posts About Camp!

Blog: What If Life Was Like Summer Camp? The No Tech Agreement

The following article appeared on HuffingtonPost.com and was written by Beth Feldman, the founder of RoleMommy.com and a public relations professional. If you’re a parent of a child who is on their way to sleep-away camp this summer, you’ve probably been stressing out over the never-ending rush to get them packed before they get picked up […]

Spending a Summer as a Camp Counselor Could Be the Best Decision You Make in College

The following originally appeared on the Huffington Post Blog on September 17th, written by Caroline Davis:  Everyone knows that college and stress go hand in hand. The looming threat of the “real world” is only a handful of semesters away, and big decisions have to be made about your life at some point between now […]

The Camp Counselor vs. the Intern

The following article originally appeared in The New York Times on May 29th, 2012 and written by Dan Flesher.  In an act of quiet rebellion, my daughter will spend this summer as a counselor at a sleep-away camp in the Adirondacks. As rebellions go, this one is admittedly very tame. But she is resisting considerable […]

7 Reasons Why Your Middle Schooler Needs Camp

When I Googled the phrase “middle school,” two of the top hits were “Middle school survival” and “Middle school: the worst years of my life.” I found that to be a pretty good depiction of how most people feel about this slightly (or not so slightly) traumatizing and awkward period of life. There are a […]